Pediatric Eye Exams

Parents worry about everything; it’s is only natural. Among other things they worry about keeping their child happy and healthy. Your child’s vision should not be a worry you let slip through the cracks. Eye exams are extremely important because 5-10% of preschoolers and 25% of school aged children have vision difficulties. Due to these statistics the American Optometry Association recommends infants have their first comprehensive eye exam at six months, and children should have additional exams at age three, then again when entering school.

What does a pediatric exam check for?

  • Acuity- A check for near and far distance clarity and sharpness
  • Focusing Skills
  • Eye Tracking Skills and Fixation Skills
  • Binocular Vision or Fusion
  • Stereopsis – two eyed depth perception
  • Convergence Skills – the eyes ability to work together
  • Color Vision

What is involved in an eye exam?

Infant Exams – While an infant can not answer questions and respond the way more verbal children can, the eye exam usually involves:

  • Pupil Response – Does the pupil open and close appropriately?
  • Fixate and Follow – Are your baby’s eyes able to focus and follow an object?
  • Preferential looking – This assesses vision capabilities without a typical eye chart.

Preschool and School Age – Now that children are able to carry on conversations the eye exam can check other areas.

  • Retinoscopy – Helps your eye doctor determine eye glass prescription.
  • Stereopsis – 3D glasses and tests with special patterns are used to evaluate how well your child’s eyes are working together.
  • LEA Symbols – This is similar to a regular exam except that it uses shapes for children to identify instead of letters.

Having your child eye’s examined is critical to the early years of learning.  A child that is having difficulty seeing will also have difficulty reading and learning.  Make an appointment today for your child’s vision exam.



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