Latest trends in eyewear

Every year fashion reinvents itself to something new, inspiring and yet still remain simple. Eyewear is no different. Finding the right prescription is not the only worry for glass wearers. Instead finding the perfect frame and style all play a huge role in which glasses are the perfect ones for you. You want glasses that not only give you confidence when wearing them, but that also describe and represent who you truly are.

As fashion is known to repeat itself, it comes to no surprise that many of this years style have been brought back. Look ahead for the latest eye trend!

Regular eyeglass

  • Clear & white glasses – For both men and women, the clear frame glasses are amongst the favorite for 2017. The neutral color allows for a great choice for the season, giving you a chance to style them with anything.
  • Hipster square glasses – For a unique style, hipster glasses are the perfect choice. Known as a great fit for creative people, hipster glasses gives a unique design with it’s square silhouettes.
  • Cat eye glasses – Cat eye glasses were first popular in the 1950s-60s and were combined with the famous beehive hairstyle. It’s no surprise that the beloved style has come back. Resonant as always, the cat eye still remains in style.
  • Clubmaster browline glasses – Men and women love this style for its slim and elegant frame, making its semi-rimless perfect and fashionably practical for a professional life.
  • Aviator glasses – Aviator style glasses have been a longtime favorite amongst eyewear enthusiasts. As aviator sunglasses still remain the most popular for the summer, you can still keep your favorite style well into the fall and winter and still turn heads.

From traditional eyewear frames to new modern styles, these frames can be the perfect fit for your face and give you the confidence and practicality we all enjoy!

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