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One is Good, but Two is Better

For anyone who has been in the Optometrist’s chair you’ve heard the phrase, “Which is better, one or two?”  That same question can be asked of you while sitting with the Optician in a retail optical shop, but in a total different context of course.

Why would you rely on just one pair of glasses for every aspect of your day to day life when you can have multiple pairs? Most people have more than one pair of shoes and each has a specific purpose in a person’s varied daily activities. Eye wear is no different. Having a pair of spectacles for everyday use, along with sunglasses is just the beginning. If you’re a active sportsperson, then a pair of glasses with safety lenses would be better suited to withstand your favorite pastime. For someone who spends the majority of their day working in front of  a computer or reading, then a dedicated near vision prescription could reduce eye strain and fatigue.

Let our experienced optical staff help you get the best options in eye wear for every aspect of your busy life. While one pair is good, two (or more) is better!


Sale on Coach Glasses

For the month of June, all three locations are offering 50% off all IN STOCK Coach prescription frames and sunglasses.

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